A surname, which is listed on ten pages of just the Munich telephone directory, of course leads to mix-ups so that an author with this name is really forced to use a pseudonym. That is why Willi Huber has been publishing his works since the beginning of his career as a composer under the pseudonym of Willi März, which is a play on his birth month of March. The artistic bandwidth of his work, whose focus lies on the more sophisticated entertainment music, reaches from solo works for piano or harp, compositions for smaller ensembles all the way to music for the Big-Band, brass band and large orchestra. All his works – no matter of what orchestration – are characterised by an appealing melody, rich harmony and a solid, classical movement technique.

About Willi März:
"Whatever comes from his hands always bears the quality seal " of particular value" or "absolutely worth hearing"." (Gerhard Schilling, Hessischer Rundfunk)

"Willi März’s arrangements infuse the musical works with a soul. His arrangements are unmistakeable - unique!" (Christa Behnke, accordeon world champion)

"His diverse and colourful compositions for harp solos or in accompaniment with the most varied orchestrations have a highly musical design in both the entertainment and serious character and are always perfectly executed ." (Nora Sander, Solo Harpist)

"Willi März has understood the sould of the clarinet" (Prof. Anton Hollich, clarinettist, Academy of Music, Mannheim)